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Mission Statement

Empowering hope to cultivate healthy coping skills in order to fight through any adversity. Helping you find the " Missing Link " to bridge the gap keeping you from healing, wholeness and reconciliation.


 MLLC will make an effort to improve the well-bei​ng of the individual refusing help or is otherwise unable to initiate or accept help. We will guide you through a process that can help direct you from relapsing into undesirable behaviors. MLLC offers coaching after treatment; helping you build confidence in maintaining a lifestyle full of joy, hope, and success.

Family Interve​ntion

MLLC will help bring change within the family to discover a healthy system that can bring hope, success and unity to the family unit. A family united is the key to a strong foundation that can help build






12 Step Principles

MLLC believes in taking one step at a time to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer a different type of skills that will look into your inner core to discover your strengths to avoid the pit falls life will bring. Let us help you climb to Greater Heights. 

Life Coach / Mentor

MLLC well help motivate you in deciding the proper steps to strategize a plan to fight through any adversity  you're facing. We will act as a motivator, strategists and accountability partner throughout the process. 

Know who you are in order to love yourself enough not to change so others like you, but to be yourself so the right people love you! 

 When Hope Is Lost 

Let us help you find the "Missing Link" that will bring Healing and Wholeness.